i'm here to answer all your questions


How do I book a session with you? 

There is a deposit with every session I offer, this deposit will lock in your date so I do not book any other session on that day. You will also sign a contract online as soon as we have a verbal agreement. To get this process started simply hit the contact tab and fill out a contact form, then I will be in touch shortly!


Can I share my images on social media?

OF COURSE!! Please do share your images on your facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter, myspace (is that a thing still??) I only ask that you mention my business page by tagging me in the photo or mentioning me in the comments. My business is built through word of mouth and social media gets those mouths moving. Side note -- please don’t put a filter over the photo, ughh make me cringe.


Will you travel for sessions?

Oh my LANTA! I love love love traveling and exploring new places. I live in Grand Haven, Michigan so anything more than an hour drive will require a travel fee but anywhere needing a plane, boat, train, can also be negotiated into your package. I also have a bucket list of places I would like to photograph and those will all receive a discount.


Do you deliver every image you photograph?

I do not deliver every image I shoot. I will use my professional expertise to pick out the best photos from your day and share those with you. I am not perfect and a lot of the images I shoot are not perfect. I spend a lot of hours digging through your images finding the perfect ones and then editing them until they are stunning.


How many images will we receive from our wedding?

I tend to deliver anywhere from 45-70 images per hour I am at a wedding. A lot of this depends on factors you can control including time of day we photograph, a second shooter, and location! Talk to me about creating the perfect atmosphere for your day.


Do you work with budgets?

I do offer discounts for weddings in bucket list locations. If you feel as though we would be a great match, reach out to me and let know more about what you have planned. That means I want to know if your grandma plans to show up in her Rolls Royce singing Stevie Wonder moments before you walk down the aisle.