Loganne + Miles

Where do I even begin with Loganne and Miles? Loganne lived across the street from me growing up, so she was basically the older sister I never had. I envied her love for CATS and the way she was always so effortlessly cool. We grew distant when Loganne's mom moved into town but whenever I visited the Boersema girls she was always there to dance in the kitchen and laugh late into the night. Then Miles met Loganne in high school and off her feet she was swept (it probably didn't go exactly like that but something close I am sure). Loganne and Miles now reside in Marquette, Michigan with their pup, Buckette, where they venture outdoors and deep fry turkeys on Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to visit their humble abode in July to photograph their wedding. Thank you Loganne and Miles for a night full of laughter and maybe too much tongue. 


"Hey, smile at yourself everyday. It's great. You don't know how great it is until you can't. So attempt to appreciate your beautiful face."

-Loganne Boersema